Insect infestations are always stressful, but there are not many insect pests that are stressful enough to cause psychological trauma to those living within infested conditions. Unsurprisingly, bed bugs are one of the few insect pests that can literally trigger negative psychological conditions in people who suffer through infestations. Even if you have never experienced a bed bug infestation, this fact should not be hard to believe considering that numerous bed bugs inflict irritating bites on people while they sleep.

What is particularly frustrating about bed bugs is the inability for people to take notice of bites as they are occuring. Bed bugs, and many other insects, inject saliva into skin as they bite, and this saliva acts as a sort of anaesthetic. Since bed bug bites do not produce an immediate sensation, humans remain sleeping while the pests are biting and feeding on blood. The irritation produced by bed bug bites set in hours after sustaining bites, and a minority of individuals do not experience any local reaction to bed bug bites at all. In addition to inflicting phantom bites, bed bugs are tiny creatures that are capable of hiding in the tiniest of household nooks in order to evade human detection during the daytime. In summary, bed bugs are one of the most difficult insect pests to detect within homes. However, there are a few factors that give away a bed bug presence within homes. One of these factors is the odor that bed bugs emit.

Many insects, bed bugs included, release what are called “alarm pheromones” when they become distressed or threatened. The odor of bed bug alarm pheromones can permeate the homes that the pests infest, and bed bug feces also release alarm pheromones and other noticeable odors. The smell of bed bug alarm pheromones has been compared to the smell of coriander, which is why bed bugs were once referred to as “coriander bugs.” While some people state that bed bug odors resemble coriander, others find bed bug odors to smell sweet or musty. If any of these smells suddenly become apparent within a home or a single room, having a bed bug inspection carried out may be a wise idea.

Have you ever smelled an odor produced by any sort of insect?