The Aggressive Indoor Spider Known As The Woodlouse Hunter

Dysdera crocata is a spider species more commonly known as the “woodlouse hunter,” and it is one of the most commonly encountered spider species within homes and buildings throughout the US. The woodlouse hunter is native to Mediterranean Europe, but the species has...

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Which Solitary Wasp Species Are Considered Pests

Since murder hornets were discovered in the US for the first time in Washington a few months ago, local entomologists in every US state have been receiving overwhelming numbers of winged insect specimens in the mail from people who seem sure that their submitted...

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Psocids, Booklice And Barklice

What Is The Difference Between Psocids, Booklice And Barklice, And Which Of These Insect Groups Are Known Pests That Damage Property? The insects commonly known as psocids belong to the order Psocoptera, which is made up of numerous species that can be found...

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