After hearing about so many people around the United States dying as a result of contracting the West Nile virus, it is nice to hear that some people survive the virus. For example, one elderly woman, Joy Crain, has managed to recover from the worst symptoms of the West Nile virus. This is a miraculous case of survival for a couple of reasons. For one thing, Crain is an elderly woman. The elderly population is at a dramatically increased risk of dying after contracting the virus. Most victims of the virus are reported from news outlets as being of advanced age. Also, Crain is from Frisco, Texas, which is near Plano. Although Frisco is located farther north from more mosquito-populated cities, like Houston, it is still remarkable that a Texas resident has managed to overcome the odds by surviving one of America’s deadliest diseases. Many residents of Texas have succumbed to the West Nile virus during the past two decades.

Crain is lucky to be alive, however, life is significantly more difficult for her as a survivor of West Nile. On most days, Crain cannot get up without feeling tremendous pain. She now remains in her apartment all of the time, but she is able to maintain a happy outlook when she is in the company of her sister. Two months ago doctors told Crain that she had contracted the neuroinvasive West Nile virus. This came as a surprise to Crain, but she thought that she must have contracted the virus while playing with her great-nephew outside.

Crain’s sister knew that something was not right early on, so she had her visit a hospital. After a very short time at the hospital, Crain became unable to move or to speak. According to the Chief Medical Officer at the hospital, being paralyzed as a result of West Nile infection would be terrifying for the victim, as they are cognitively intact, but they cannot move or speak.

Crain remained in a paralyzed state without the ability to speak for ten days. She felt as though she was in a fog. Luckily, Crain has regained the ability to walk and talk, but it may take a year for her to fully recover. Crain now wants people to understand how important it is to prevent mosquito bites.

Have you ever heard of a younger non-elderly person contracting, and eventually dying as a result of contracting the West Nile virus?


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