Bed bug infestation rates are increasing tremendously with each passing day all over the world, especially in the United States. The number of bed bug infestation cases in the United States was much higher in 2018 than it was the year before, and this year will see an even greater increase in bed bug infestation cases. The rate of documented bed bug sightings within public places and the number of hospital visits concerning bed bug bites has also been increasing with each passing year. Also, the number of bed bug related lawsuits and bed bug complaints from hotel guests and airline passengers has been increasing. If anything good could be said about the current bed bug situation in the US, it could be the much higher than normal amounts of money being awarded to bed bug victims in court. Not only are more court cases recognizing the suffering endured by victims of bed bug infestations, but landlords and hotel owners are now being held accountable for slacking on their requirements to provide bed bug-free property to tenants and paying guests.

Bed bug infestation and sighting rates are increasing so dramatically within the US that some experts believe that certain people, like business owners and landlords, will be saddled with greater responsibilities than their used to when it comes to bed bug control efforts on their properties. The legal framework concerning pest infestations within rented homes and businesses is changing and becoming more detailed due to the unique infestation issues that bed bugs have introduced in the US. These laws are introducing more responsibilities and financial burdens on landlords by making landlords solely responsible for eradicating bed bugs that should come to exist within their properties. These laws described harsher punishments for landlords who do not comply with bed bug eradication protocols. More renters than ever are winning bed bug related lawsuits against their landlords. For example, a family in California won nearly 2 million dollars in a lawsuit against their landlord concerning injuries sustained by a long-running bed bug infestation on a rental property. The bed bug scourge has also led to a proliferation of lawyers specializing solely in bed bug lawsuits. Data shows that hotels are losing millions in bed bug lawsuits filed by hotel guests that had been exposed to the insects in hotel rooms. The economic hardships hotel owners are currently experiencing as a result of tougher laws concerning bed bugs may lead to the closing of numerous hotels across the country.

Have you ever visited a hospital in order to have bed bug bites examined?