The cockroaches found within homes and buildings have no problem finding available food sources, but it is important to note that the maligned insects are not picky about what they eat. In fact, cockroaches will eat just about anything, including things that you would never consider eating even if you were starving, such as feces, skin from both living and dead humans, glue, hair, and warm sour beer. However, it would be an exaggeration to say that roaches literally eat “everything,” as all animals are turned off by some types of food sources that are readily consumed by other animals. When it comes to cockroaches, it so happens that they despise the taste of cucumbers, which is surprising considering that the insects will eat banana peels and a rotting leaves with enthusiasm. In any case, cockroaches have no problem locating food even in sanitary conditions.

Experts believe that cockroaches are the oldest insects inhabiting the planet, as cockroach fossils as old as 350 million years have been found in multiple regions around the world. This helps to explain why cockroaches are so hard to kill, and the often uttered claim that the insects can survive radiation levels that would kill every other insect is true. The German cockroach is the most commonly sighted cockroach within homes all across America, and this species, as well as all other roach species, possess large stores of fat that enable them to survive without food for long periods of time. The German cockroach has been observed as surviving as long as 45 days without food, and they can survive for two weeks without food or water. The second most common roach pest within homes is the American cockroach, and this species can last as long as 40 days without water, and 90 days without food. So even if the roaches within your home struggle to locate food, you can count on them sticking around for awhile. With a healthy diet, German roaches can survive for around a year, while the American variety can survive for nearly three years.

Have you ever found a large group of roaches within your home?