There are many types of insects that can come to infest a home, but none are more undesirable than cockroaches, with the possible exception of termites. Considering the degree of disgust that cockroaches are known for inspiring, as well as the large populations that typically congregate in specific areas of a house, finding an infestation of these filthy insects within a home is enough to ruin a homeowner’s whole week. If there is anything worse than suddenly finding a new cockroach infestation within your home, then it would be finding a cockroach infestation that has existed within your home for a long period of time. When a homeowner or pest control inspector locates a long-running cockroach infestation within a home, it can often be assumed that the home contains a relatively large population of the problem insects.

Despite the disdain with which they are treated, cockroaches are fairly smart for insects, and once they locate a warm area of a house where they can survive in relative safety, it does not take long for more cockroaches to arrive and begin to treat such a house as a refuge from the hostile outside world. However, cockroaches are also ancient creatures, and while they may have developed impressive survival abilities, they can also choose to hide in places where their quick death is more or less guaranteed. For example, one man recently removed his wall mounted phone after learning that it no longer worked. Upon inspecting the phone’s internal wiring, he found a number of dead cockroaches clustered together within the cramped space. Surprisingly, electronic malfunctions often turn out to be caused by cockroach infestations within devices. Despite the phone’s small size, the man found dozens upon dozens of cockroaches within his old landline phone. For those who find such a discovery hard to believe, the man posted video footage of his discovery to Facebook.

Have you ever found an insect crawling inside of an electronic device?