If you attend church then you likely know what to expect during Sunday morning services. Perhaps your pastor will discuss issues facing the modern world while your children attend Sunday school. Or maybe you and your fellow church goers will join hands while collectively praying for more unfortunate groups of people living in impoverished regions of the world. One thing is for sure, you probably do not expect to be pressured into eating cockroaches. Such an event would be out of the ordinary to say the least. However, as odd as this scenario may seem, one pastor has recently made international news for his habit of serving cockroaches during church.

A controversial Prophet named Penuel Mnguni has committed a variety of strange acts during his past church proceedings. For example, Mnguni has served pieces of cloth, human hair, and even snakes to his congregates. But now, Prophet Mnguni is serving cockroaches; apparently, his congregants are eating the much-hated insects right up. Prophet Mnguni is reportedly serving cockroaches to his followers as a “demonstration of god’s power”.

Prophet Mnguni, is an ordained Pastor living in South Africa. He is the leader of the End Times Disciples Ministries. Luckily, most South African citizens do not approve of the Pastor’s methods. Pastor Mnguni used to hold a congregation in the city of Soshanguve, but he was eventually chased out of the city due to his “harmful practices”. Now the Pastor is up to similar shenanigans in the city of Limpopo.

Footage showing the Pastor feeding his congregation cockroaches has surfaced on social media. This footage has prompted the Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural (CLR) to act against the Pastor. The commision has notified South Africa’s Parliamentary Portfolio Committee about the Pastor’s unsafe practices. The CLR believes that eating cockroaches can pose a threat to his congregations health. The commision is asking for more information about the roach-eating practices endorsed by Pastor Mnguni.

Do you think that cockroaches are popular edible insects in regions of the world where edible insects are considered a traditional food?

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