You may not know much about termites other than the fact that they enjoy eating wood. However, termites are probably the most talented architects in the insect world. Termite nests demonstrate a termites’ advanced building abilities. Termite nests are even outfitted with air conditioning. Air conditioning is not the only perk to living within a termite nest. The nests are also quite durable, and thousands of termites can safely inhabit a nest without having to worry about dangerous outside influences. It takes a lot to destroy a termite nest. As far as termite predators are concerned, insect nests are impenetrable. These termite nests are like apartments in Manhattan, as people are envious of their luxury. This luxury is probably why other insects that are not termites also live inside these nests. Some of the time, these insect-squatters are left undisturbed by their termite hosts. Insects that inhabit nests where they do not belong are known as an inquiline insects.

Researchers have spotted numerous locations around the world where termite nests contained various species of beetle larvae. Beetle larvae have been spotted living within active and abandoned termite nests. In some cases, the beetle larvae would develop solely within termite nests. The relationships between the invading beetles and their termite hosts varies depending on the beetle species.

Some beetle species may be termite predators. Some species live deep within the nests where they eat the termite excrement from the walls. Termites use their own excrement to build their tunnels, and after certain species of beetle larvae eat-away at it, an entire nest can become destroyed. However, some species of beetle will feed on organic matter while avoiding encounters with the natural termite inhabitants. Other species live on superficial locations inside of the nest where they feed on prey living outside the nest. However, very little is known about the way termites and other insects behave toward one another while inside of a termite nest.

Have you ever spotted an insect inside of a bird’s nest? If you have, what kind of insect was it?

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