At Sachem Pest Control we want to provide you with the best protection we can from pests! That is why we have complied this list of Simple Outdoor Pest Tips you can do to protect you, or your family this year! Pest can ruin any property no matter if yours home or business so follow these easy tips to remain pest free this year!

  1. Remove Standing Water – Standing water is one of the biggest contributors to pests off all species. If you have a water source somewhere on your property this will provide pests with a constant source of water to survive on. So, drain all the water around your property that is not needed ASAP.
  2. Inspect and Leave Outside Objects Outside – One of the biggest ways infestations start on properties is from outside sources bringing the infestation onto the property. That is why it is generally a good idea to leave outside objects outside, and if you have to bring in something examine it thoroughly before taking it inside. Bed bugs and other pest can hitchhike on luggage also and once there in they are very hard to control so beware!
  3. Landscaping is Paramount – People often don’t understand the important of landscaping to protecting their property from pests. If you have tons of vegetation touching your foundation or the building it is a direct route of access for the pests into your property. Make sure you trim all vegetation so that it’s no closer than 5 feet from the property. It is also important to have proper drainage, and not to leave piles of debris around your property for pests to live in.

If you are dealing with pests in the greater Boston area and have more questions contact Sachem Pest Control today. Sachem Pest can handle any pest control problem you might have no matter if it’s for your home or business! See why so many in the greater Boston area contact Sachem Pest Control whenever they find pest on their property!


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