Spider control within homes is a tricky business, as there does not exist any reliable control methods that can keep spiders out of homes over the long-term. Fearing spiders is quite common, and many residents don’t hesitate to call a pest control service after finding one single scary-looking spider within a home. Finding a spider within a home does not indicate a pest control issue, and it is rare for residents to encounter large groups of spiders crawling about indoors. Finding even one spider in a home can give many people a good scare, but indoor spider issues are often based on an irrational, yet understandable fear of spiders. In some cases, however, finding even one spider within a home may warrant a pest inspection, but this depends on the species of spider found.

If a resident spots a spider that is potentially dangerous within a home, then more could be hiding indoors. Finding a black widow or a brown recluse indoors may call for an inspection, as these species produce venom that is highly toxic and threatening to human health. Luckily, medically significant spider species, such as the two named above, cannot be found in Massachusetts or any other New England state, with the exception of rare northern black widow sightings. While most experts insist that black widows are only present in extremely small numbers in New England, it should be known that, a 5 year old girl from the town of Mendon, MA required hospitalization after sustaining a black widow bite, but whether or not the bite occurred indoors is not known. In any case, it cannot be denied that black widows are present in Massachusetts.

There are documented case reports that describe medically significant reactions to bites inflicted by the Chiracanthium inclusum species of yellow-sac spider, which does exist in Massachusetts, and is sometimes found within homes. Other spider species in the area that are known for inflicting dangerous bites in extremely rare circumstances include the American house spider, and a few wolf spider species. It cannot be stressed enough that the above named spiders are generally dismissed as harmless, but the yellow-sac spider is more aggressive than most spider species, and their presence within a home may justify a pest treatment, as these spiders are bold and will not hesitate to make contact with humans. Cellar spiders are not dangerous, but they can appear in homes in significant numbers and they build copious webs indoors which can be a nuisance for homeowners. When controlling indoor spiders becomes necessary, pest controllers often apply insecticides around the perimeter of affected homes to prevent spider intrusions. Insecticides may also be applied to a home’s entryways, such as door and window frames. The effectiveness of these barrier methods is temporary, but often helpful.

Have you ever had a pest treatment conducted on your property due to an issue with indoor spiders?