You may be from a town where a historic and beloved structure is located. If you do, then try and imagine how devastating it would be to see the pride of your hometown destroyed by a termite infestation. In Hanover, Pennsylvania one particular cabin has become iconic to the city’s residents, as well as to many people living outside of Hanover. The cabin, known as Santa’s Cabin, is located in Hanover’s city center square. Last June, an article in USA Today reported that the eighty year old cabin was suffering from structural problems. Since then, council members have been discussing the cabin’s future. A recent follow-up article published in the same newspaper mentioned termites as being the cause of the cabin’s structural problems. Sadly, after months of debate, the mayor of Hanover announced the decision to have Santa’s Cabin demolished.

According to the mayor, the demolition of the popular Cabin is necessary, as Santa’s cabin has become infested with termites multiple times. As a result of these long lasting and repeated termite infestations, the cabin’s structure has likely become damaged beyond repair. Santa’s Cabin has long been an attraction in the city of Hanover. The residents of Hanover will have plenty of time to take their final pictures of the cabin before it is demolished. The city council has decided to wait until Christmas has passed before demolishing Santa’s Cabin. During the summer, residents of Hanover noticed that Santa’s Cabin had become infested with termites. This led the Exchange Club of Hanover to approach the city council about having the cabin repaired. The exchange club maintains the cabin during the spring and summer months. During the months prior to Christmas, the exchange club opens the cabin to the public.

Children and parents flock to the center square in order to visit Santa Claus while he stays at his cabin. Hanover’s residents are sad to see the treasured cabin demolished. However, recent termite inspections have revealed the extent of the termite damage. The termite damage is too extensive for the cabin to be saved. Luckily Santa’s Cabin will be replaced by another Christmas themed structure in time for Christmas of 2018.

Do you believe that it is unsafe to allow individuals to be near structures that have sustained extensive termite damage? Have you ever heard about anybody becoming injured as result of being near termite ridden structures?


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