If you ever have to make the hard decision of entrusting a stranger with the well-being of one of your aging relatives, such as nursing home staff members or caretakers, then make sure you run a background check. A seventy three year old woman who was formerly employed as a caretaker, is planning on pleading guilty to the charges of “neglecting the care of a dependent person” and “involuntary manslaughter.” It seems as though the former caretaker, Deborah Butler, failed to properly care for some special needs patients that were living in her home. One woman under her care died as a result of sustaining repeated bedbug bites. And now you know that bedbugs can kill!

The woman that Butler neglected to care for was named Mary Stoner, and she was a ninety six year old woman. On December 1st of this year, Butler will plead guilty to the two charges in court. Butler’s bail is currently set at fifty thousand dollars. Stoner had been in Butler’s care for over ten years. It is is unknown as to whether or not Butler abused her patients in any way during this time. Last year Stoner’s family came by Butler’s residence in order to visit Mary Stoner. While her family was at Butler’s home they noticed that Stoner’s body was covered in red marks, similar in appearance to a serious rash. Stoner’s concerned family immediately took Stoner to the hospital to be checked out. Initially the doctor’s that had examined Stoner believed that she had a bacterial skin infection. After this false diagnoses, Stoner was released from the hospital. However, Stoner was promptly readmitted after she had developed Pneumonia. Tragically, Stoner died at the hospital.

After Stoner’s body was thoroughly examined, experts found that her “rash” was actually the result of numerous bedbug bites. An investigation revealed that Butler had transported some of her patients to her home from the hospital where she worked several years ago. Butler was angry to hear about the hospital closing down since it meant that she was out of the job. Butler then abducted a few patients. One of Butler’s “patients,” and bedbug bite victim, was Butler’s own mentally challenged forty eight year old sister who was also a former patient at the hospital.

Do you think the bedbugs transmitted bacteria to Stoner’s bloodstream when they bit her? Do you think that is the cause of Stoner’s death?


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